The Museum of Nothing

Publication Date:

October 2023



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English | Minerva

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World excl. Asia and North America

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Germany (Hatje Cantz)
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The Museum of Nothing


“Lively and appealing.” — Mac Barnett, New York Times Book Review

“Crisp ink and digitally colored illustrations include numerous cleverly embedded zeroes and letter Os to represent the concept of “nothing”; children will enjoy scouring the pages to locate them and may want to illustrate their own ideas about nothingness.” — Kirkus Reviews

“There are more Easter eggs hidden in these pictures than a Where’s Waldo? book….Given the sophistication of the museum, it’s no shock that it’s the brainchild of a former New York Times art director.” —Booklist

“White on White.  A Polar Bear in a Snowstorm.  Button holes.  Black holes.  At the museum of Nothing, there are exhibits of, well, nothing.  This clever picture book is sure to have curious kids finding nothing everywhere.” – Angie Tally, The Country Bookshop

“I didn’t know a book about nothing could be so fun and suspenseful but it is! I love how the story subtly escalates even though “nothing” happens…. or does it?! I also think the use of color and white is pretty smart.” — Jacque Izzo, Books Are Magic

“An absolute delight! I will be recommending this fabulous picture book to all the kids and parents I see! Beautifully illustrated and intelligently written.” – Clare Etheridge, Brentwood Public Library

“Made me laugh. So creative. I loved all the representations of nothing. I would love to have students come up with more. Great hook to pair with Invisible things.” – Vanessa Eyre, Librarian Granite Library

“​​Extremely cute and full of the most clever little puns… fun to read with middle grades and then have them design a similar museum based on a number of their choice.” – Erikka Sawdey, Pickerington Public Library

“Made me giggle…. this book will activate kids’ imaginations!” —Unleashing Readers

“A book to be shared with all ages. Kids will appreciate the silliness and adults will appreciate some of the “in” jokes (Emily Dickinson’s poem about being nobody). Put it with your read-a-louds for companionable giggles.” — Youth Services Book Review

Discover all the many ways that nothing is really something! This mind-bendingly clever picture book about a visit to the Museum of Nothing will have curious readers marveling and laughing along.

There is so much more to nothing than you think! Join Oona and Otto on a tour of the funny, fascinating Museum of Nothing in this imaginative read-aloud from noted designer Guarnaccia. This museum proudly displays every kind of nothing. There’s the Hall of Holes (donut, button, black), the Zero Wing, the Nobody Room—where the Invisible Man is the star attraction—and more. With pages full of witty details to discover, this captivating book is perfect for curious kids ages 5-9 looking for their next big mind-bending adventure.

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