The Monastery of the Mists

Original title: Il Monastero delle Nebbie

Publication Date:

January 2019



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Crime & Thrillers

The Monastery of the Mists

Original title: Il Monastero delle Nebbie

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Praise for La fortezza degli inquisitori:

An action-packed adventure through medieval Italy on the trail of St. Francis, inspired by The Pillars of the Earth and The Name of the Rose — Corriere della Sera

What secrets is the alchemist friar hiding?

1217. Burgos, Northern Spain. The horrifically tortured body of a nun is found in the cloister of the monastery of Las Huelgas. The blame lands on Fleur d’Annecy, a girl with a dark past who had taken refuge there with her son Roger. Fearing the arrival of the inquisitors, the abbess calls on the Franciscan monk Bonaventura da Iseo to shed some light on the incident. He is a renowned alchemist, close to the abbess herself because, in the past, he was the one who saved her. Fleur claims that the killer is a mysterious man, wrapped in a fiery red cloak, who first killed the nun and then kidnapped her son. But the cruel inquisitor Magnus arrives at the monastery with quite the opposite opinion: Fleur is a witch, he has no doubt, and with her powers she has summoned a demon, responsible for what happened. Bonaventura begins a race against time to save Fleur from the stake and get her son to safety, while the walls of Las Huelgas begin to turn red with the blood of those silenced forever for knowing the thousand secrets of that place. Set in the medieval atmosphere of a dark and gothic Spain, Il monastero delle nebbie is a gripping, fast-paced historical thriller in which superstition and flesh-and-blood enemies meet in a murder hunt that will keep the audience in suspense: will the brave alchemist monk find out who is behind the murder before the Inquisitor’s vendetta turns to him, too?

Pierpaolo Brunoldi after graduating in Veterinary Medicine, he studied acting and obtained a master’s degree in screenwriting. He has written productions shortlisted in national competitions, screenplays for TV and film, short stories published in various anthologies, and has collaborated with online publications.

Antonio Santoro a director, actor and playwright, born in Cava de Tirreni in 1973. A graduate of the Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico, he has directed a number of shows and written several texts for the theatre. He graduated from DAMS and has two masters in screenwriting. Together with Pierpaolo Brunoldi, he wrote La fortezza degli inquisitori published in italy by Newton Compton (2018).

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