The Magic Makers Club

Author: Evans, Christine

Illustrator: Laura Zarrin

Publication Date:

June 2025

Original language and publisher

English | Kane Press

Territories Handled

World excl. Asia and North America



The Magic Makers Club

Author: Evans, Christine

Illustrator: Laura Zarrin


Author of The Wish Library series and Dear Mr. G, Christine Evans comes with The Magic Makers Club, an illustrated chapter book series filled with mischief, mayhem, friendship, and entrepreneurship, about three young witches who start a spell casting business, illustrated by Laura Zarrin.

Getting Mixed Up (Book 1, June 2025):

Stella Bright is inventive and loves science. She is a great potion-maker. Usually. Luna Leonard’s grandmother was a great witch, so she feels like she has a lot to live up to. Aurora Hart is artistic and a bit of a dreamer. She loves animals. All three girls are third graders at Moon Rise Elementary. They love making potions in Luna’s basement, playing with Aurora’s pet cat, and casting spells using Luna’s grandmother’s spell book. But what they really want is some money of their own to pay for summer camp. So they set up their own Spell Casting Business to help their non-magical family and neighbors.

But it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong. They all have opinions on how the business should be run from how the flyers should look, pricing, and who is in charge of making the potions. But when magical animals take over the town of Moon Rise, the little witches need to figure out how to work together and use their individual strengths to help their neighbors. Together the three friends learn all of the basics of entrepreneurship including coming up with a concept, creating a business plan, setting a budget, advertising and marketing, dealing with competition, and more!

Can the three little witches make a success of their business or will it end in magical mayhem? The end result is a magical team that is ready for their next challenge.