The Love Spices of Istanbul

Publication Date:

November 2018

Original language and publisher

Greek | Patakis

The Love Spices of Istanbul

  • 2 Seas Represents: Dutch rights.


A gorgeously illustrated cookbook on the love spices of Istanbul by one of Greece and Turkey’s most beloved chefs.

Beloved cookbook author, restaurateur and TV-chef, Maria Ekmektsioglou, has packed a wonderful selection of recipes based on Istanbul’s famous love spices; from chocolate spiced soup to cinnamon meatballs to spiced sherry, this gorgeously illustrated cookbook will inspire you, enrich your senses and warm your heart.

With two bustling restaurants in Istanbul and Athens respectively and six bestselling cookbooks, Maria Ekmektsioglou is one of Greece and Turkey’s most respected chefs; in The Love Spices of Istanbul, she has produced her most personal and heart-warming cookbook yet.

Maria Ekmektsioglou was born and raised in the Greek community of Istanbul, Turkey. She is one of Greece and Turkey’s most respected and popular cookbook authors, restaurateurs and TV chefs. Maria has written six best-selling cookbooks in Greek and Turkish and has hosted many cooking TV shows in Greece. The Love Spices of Istanbul is the first of several titles that she will be publishing with Patakis in the next few years.