The Journey of Journeys. Can you explore the world in five hundred steps?

Original title: Il viaggio dei viaggi

Author: Barbera, Gianluca

Publication Date:

April 2020

Original language and publisher

Italian | Solferino

Territories Handled

Netherlands, Scandinavia


Narrative Non-Fiction, Travel & Adventure

The Journey of Journeys. Can you explore the world in five hundred steps?

Original title: Il viaggio dei viaggi

Author: Barbera, Gianluca


“Thanks to the passionate and lightning-fast intertwining, the narration also moves like a special and daring time machine. … With Il Viaggio dei Viaggi Barbera confirms a breed narrator who mixes, talent, reality, fiction through a dazzling language that recalls the excited phrasing/construcion of An outpost of Progress by Joseph Conrad ” — La Lettura Corriere della Sera

“A ride on the routes of the great explorers. True or literary”. Barbera builds a book-world that in itself is a path of discovery and continuous amazement. A very funny novel, from the first to the last page.  In Barbera’s stories, there is always a philosophical implication. Barbera is two or three spans above the average book that we import from abroad not only for inventiveness but also and above all for language”. — Il Giornale 

“Other than a room of wonders, it is a real treasure, a cornucopia, a boundless universe in constant evolution, and … Wonderful, overwhelming, vibrant, fun, fresh, lively, bright, surprising.” Convenzionali

“Read Gianluca Barbera and find an infinite number of references. And the feedback does not leave you exhausted and mortified, because rather everything is explained simply and complicated together, in an unshakable architecture, impossible to add, designed by an excellent mind, by an intellectual above the ranks. He, Gianluca Barbera, whom I invite you to read, then. Il Fatto

“The Journey of journeys is a complex and enjoyable Work at the same time. …Barbera belongs to that breed of necessary writers, those who are never tired of celebrating the joy of narrating, the beauty of a well-told story. He… asks – both to himself and to the reader – how important a story is. And today, more than ever, this is a current question, in times that have seen us all locked up, forced to travel only with our mind. It is therefore an excellent hope, the publication of such a book. Again, the question: how important is a story today? The answer lies in a book like The Journey of Journeys.” — Satisfiction

“The Journey of journeys (Solferino, 2020), is a kaleidoscopic novel, one and multiple. It is a picaresque trip, a great adventure, exploration and discovery travels” under the lash of the Professor Terranova. Il Viaggio dei Viaggi is certainly the most elaborate, searched, experienced book.” — Pangea

The art of traveling is the main protagonist of this stunning book.

Travel by sea, sky and earth, travel back and forth in time, travel in cyberspace, travel to the afterlife, travel to the abysses and the depths of the earth, extreme holidays, great migrations, the eighteenth-century grand tours, Egypt pharaohs, unexplored lands, desert islands, boundless oceans, moon landings and exotic holidays… And in addition to this a gallery of unforgettable, legendary characters: Marco Polo, Magellan, Alexander Selkirk (the real Robinson Crusoe) Darwin, Belzoni, Mungo Park, Livingstone, Stanley, Umberto Nobile, Roald Amundsen, Armstrong and Aldrin.

The journey of travel, through a brilliant and original idea, weaves the story of a total journey through the centuries and space, a true “world book” written in a clear and imaginative language in which the dimension of travel is narrated in all directions and variations, between reality and fiction, adventure of the senses and the spirit. At the center of the story there is a group of skilled high school students who start themselves in what is above all the great and unique adventure of knowledge.

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