The Integral Life. How to live 100 years, healthy and happy

Original title: La Vie Intégrale


Publication Date:

January 1900



Original language and publisher

French | Edito


Health & Lifestyle

The Integral Life. How to live 100 years, healthy and happy

Original title: La Vie Intégrale


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This book on better living offers a simple and holistic vision of health that goes far beyond physical health and the absence of diseases.

We are living longer than ever, but the last phase of our life is often compromised by poor health and a loss of autonomy. Yet, there is a preventive and global approach to health that allows us to increase life expectancy while decreasing morbidity.

In this comprehensive book based on serious studies validated by eminent academic and medical specialists, you will find everything you need to know about what promotes physical health and stimulates the beneficial physiological mechanisms of the body.

You will also learn about emotional and psychological factors that contribute to our well-being and give meaning to our existence. You will then discover that, by changing your eating habits, by integrating physical activity into your daily routine, by promoting good personal hygiene in a healthy environment, by maintaining positive emotions and authentic relationships with family and friends, and by avoiding as much as possible stressful situations, you adopt an integral way of life and give yourself every chance to stay healthy and become a happy Centennial!

It is when we strive restlessly to give meaning to our lives that 100 years are worth living. We have the freedom to shape our destiny. The first step is to take care of our body. This book invites us to preserve this magnificent vehicle to give it the chance to live 100 beautiful years of a fulfilled and happy life of great depth. In return, this body will allow us – and for a long time – to live up to our best hopes!

Eric Dupont holds a PhD in Physiology-Endocrinology from the Faculty of Medicine of Laval University, completed by postdoctoral studies in neurosciences. A laureate of prestigious awards and scholarships, he has authored several scientific publications for more than twenty-five years.

Christine Michaud studied positive psychology with the eminent professor of happiness from Harvard University, Tal Ben-Shahar.

Diane Bilodeau is a biochemist and holds a PhD in Physiology from the University of Montreal.

Christian Fortin is practicing private family medicine at the Clinique MédicAxion and was a founding member of the Medical City in Quebec City.