The Ice

Original title: Isen

Author: Kåre Raake, John

Publication Date:

January 2018



Original language and publisher

Norwegian | Gyldendal Norsk

Territories Handled

North America

Territories Sold

English (UK & BC excl Can) (Pushkin)
Germany (Goldmann)
Finland (Bazar)
France (Michel Lafont)
Czech Republic (Dobrovsky)
Estonia (Helios)
Lithuania (Balto Leidybos)
Catalan (Simbol)
Film/TV rights (Nordisk Film Production)


Crime & Thrillers

The Ice

Original title: Isen

Author: Kåre Raake, John


I love how the writer just plunges straight into the action and keeps the tension up throughout book. — Stavanger Aftenblad

The Ice is technically close to a perfect thriller. — VG

The Ice is a claustrophobic thriller. — Aftenposten

The Ice is a tense international thriller that plays out at one of Earth’s most inhospitable places – the North Pole.

Former Special Forces commando Anna Aune has abandoned the world and everyone in it, and is hiding out in a hovercraft at the North Pole. She’s there for the duration of the Arctic winter to document the destruction unleashed by climate change.

On All Saints’ Day, the pitch-black sky is suddenly lit up by a distress flare shot up from a Chinese research station. Anna and her colleague are the only ones close enough to come to their rescue. But is the flare a cry for help, or a warning sign?

At the Chinese base, a vision from a nightmare awaits them. In the laboratory, they find the researchers dead, frozen solid and covered in ice. It quickly becomes clear that they were brutally murdered. At the same moment, a furious Arctic storm blows in. A savage power struggle has provoked a full-scale international conflict – by any means necessary – for Arctic resources. And Anna Aune is caught in the middle of it all.


Marketing Information

  • Over 7,000 copies sold
  • Full English translation available