The Hard Break. The Case for the 24/6 Lifestyle

Author: Edelheit, Aaron

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May 2018



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English (USA) | Ideapress Publishing

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The Hard Break. The Case for the 24/6 Lifestyle

Author: Edelheit, Aaron

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“Every day I work with innovators who are in danger of burning out. Now I can recommend they read this FANTASTIC book to save their sanity and their businesses!” — BRAD FELD, Partner at Foundry Group and Co-Founder of Techstars

“Insightful, compelling and urgent. This must-read book tackles one of the most critical challenges of the 21st century – how to realistically disconnect in a world of constant connectivity and why it might save more than just your career.” — CURT STEINHORST, Bestselling author of Can I Have Your Attention? and the Founder of Focuswise

“Anyone struggling to balance the demands of work success with the unhealthy habits of today’s technological world should read this book – and then share it with a friend!” — VICTORIA SCHWARTZ, Professor of Law, Pepperdine School of Law

“Following the advice in this book and building my own habit for taking a “Hard Break” through the Sabbath has done wonders for my work and my family. Without preaching, this book offers the perfect introduction for anyone who is considering doing the same.” — DAN SHAPIRO, Founder and CEO of Glowforge

“In this important book, Edelheit highlights a critical skill for everyone in today’s over-indulged society: how to step away from the daily grind to not only improve your work performance but achieve greater fulfillment, happiness and authentic engagement with life.” — DAVID SULLIVAN, Founder and CEO of Till

“Most of the working world is currently on a fast-track to total burnout. Aaron Edelheit’s book is the reminder we all need to unplug, take a break, and refocus our priorities. It’s one simple practice that can change your career and your life.” — BRIAN SCUDAMORE, CEO of O2E Brands, The BannerCompany for 1-800-GOT-JUNK

The Hard Break is for anyone who is frustrated and struggling with always being on and working all of the time.

What if the real secret to  greater productivity, happiness  and success is a habit that is thousands of years old?

Productivity has become an international obsession. We celebrate a work culture where people boast of long working hours, their extreme schedules and how little they sleep. A constant stream of emails, texts, tweets and more keeps us connected every minute and we rarely put our phones down. Every moment needs to be maximized and no time can be wasted.

And yet most of us also feel something is wrong. All of these attempts at optimizing business and life aren’t really making us happier. Ironically, it might not be mak-ing us all that productive either. In this groundbreaking book, noted entrepreneur and money manager Aaron Edelheit breaks down the myths around productivity and offers a startlingly simple solution: the Sabbath.

Through his personal journey of discovering the joy of taking a “hard break” of one day a week to reset, Edelheit profiles not only his own life transformation, but how this same practice has been changing the lives of well known entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicians alike.

For anyone who has ever struggled to find a good balance between life and work, this book offers an essential roadmap for how to make the right choices, attain more success, put life back into perspective and gain more happiness all by taking a hard break for yourself.