The Handbook of Epictetus

Original title: Manuel d’Epictete

Author: Hadot, Pierre

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The Handbook of Epictetus

Original title: Manuel d’Epictete

Author: Hadot, Pierre

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The Handbook of Epictetus is a book compiled by Arrian (95-175) in which he sets out the doctrine of the stoic philosopher, Epictetus (50-127). Its leading principle is to attach importance only to things that depend on us. What really depends on us is the representation we have of things. By mastering them, we become free. All the other ideas of this handbook derive from this principle.

The condensed layout of the Handbook must give the philosopher, and especially the one who progresses, the opportunity to set himself at any moment within the fundamental frame of mind which he should be in, and to find again a philosophical view of things.

The Handbook (“encheiridion“) is so called because it must always be ―handy‖ and at the disposal of those who wish to live a good life. For the soldier‘s dagger (“encheiridion“) is also a weapon that must always be handy to those who use it. Simplicius.


“This new translation of the Handbook of Epictetus, edited by Pierre Hadot at the Livre de Poche and accompanied by a wide and brilliant commentary, will soon be essential. This great scholar allows us to find the way of a philosophy that is, first of all, an exercise about oneself, a conversion by the thought of the most trivial ways of life : with intelligence and simplicity, he throws light on this text, often studied but not always understood. When we read him, we may without a doubt get the measure of the historical thickness that puts us afar from this thought, but also, even in an unexpected view, from all that brings us closer to it.” Radio France


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