The Ghostlights

Publication Date:

September 2021



Original language and publisher

English | Legend Press

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia


Commercial Fiction, Crime & Thrillers

The Ghostlights


Quirky, thoughtful and exquisitely narrated, The Ghostlights is a beautifully observed story of family dynamics and the ripple effects caused by tragedy. —WI Magazine


Can anyone really choose to be forgotten?

An elderly gentleman checks into a B&B in a small village in rural Ireland where he knows nobody. Four days later, his body is found in the lake.

The identity of their unknown guest raises questions for one family in particular, twin sisters Liv and Marianne, and their mother, Ethel, each of whom is searching for her own place in the world.

The Ghostlights brilliantly evokes the lives of the people in the town and explores the aftershocks of a stranger’s tragedy. What is identity? And strangerhood? What is the meaning of home, and what power do we have over whether or not we are remembered?

Marketing Information

  • Loosely inspired by the real-life case of Peter Bergmann, who in 2009 checked into a hotel in Sligo and was found, days later, dead on the beach.
  • Comparison authors: Jon McGregor, Harold Fry