The Forest Brims Over

Authors: Ayase, Maru, Trowell, Haydn (trans.)

Publication Date:

July 2023



Original language and publisher

Japanese | Counterpoint Press

Territories Handled

English (World)


Literary Fiction

The Forest Brims Over

Authors: Ayase, Maru, Trowell, Haydn (trans.)


Praise for the Japanese edition

Maru Ayase gives a voice to the emotion which cannot be explained by words…Horror and gender role theory blend in the story sets in a Japanese literary field. — Nihon Keizai Shimbun

In The Forest Brims Over, the universal gender issue of exploitation and non-exploitation vividly emerges. — Asahi Shimbun

The most impactful book of the year… you must read it. — Weekly Post

Translated into English for the first time, Maru Ayase’s The Forest Brims Over is a haunting and satirical novel about a woman who turns into a forest and swallows her house.

For years, Rui Nowatari has been the subject of her husband’s novels, portrayed as a pure woman with a great enjoyment of sex. With each new work a bit of her privacy and identity is stripped away until she is seen only as her husband’s muse. One day, Rui swallows a large number of seeds and falls unconscious. The next day, roots begin to sprout from her pores. Instead of taking her to a hospital, her husband keeps her in a fish tank so that he can write a new novel based on this new experience. She grows at a rapid pace, soon turning into a forest—in time she consumes their entire city. With their lives and identities thrown into doubt, the story gradually closes in on Rui, hidden away in the center of the forest.

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