The First Month With Your Baby

Original title: Votre premier mois avec bebe

Author: de Cambronne, Laurence

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May 2013



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The First Month With Your Baby

Original title: Votre premier mois avec bebe

Author: de Cambronne, Laurence

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When a child is born… the father and mother have lots of questions! Especially if it’s their first… How do you handle the crying, sleeping, burping, breastfeeding, bathing? How can you tell if your baby is hungry, cold, or has a stomach ache? Between the opinions of grandmothers and the latest fashionable theories, we do not always know whom we turn to. And of course you don’t dare bother your pediatrician for such a small thing…

However, it is during those first few months of our child’s life that we’re in most need of support. Laurence de Cambronne, a journalist and mother of five children, understands this very well. She provides reassuring answers to all these questions, supported by the best books on childcare. As a bonus, she gives us a proven method to make a small baby sleep a full night of five or six hours, as of his or her first month!

Sales points:

  • The first edition of THE FIRST MONTH WITH YOUR BABY (Ed. Robert Laffont, 1998) sold nearly 15,000 copies.
  • This new edition has been completely updated, and the author has written a previously unpublished foreword.
  • This is the only book on the French market for this time of the infant’s life.
  • The tone is light and pleasant, far from the austere or even anxiety-inducing childcare guides.
  • The content has been fully reviewed by a pediatrician.
  • The “trick” of the full night of sleep is the secret weapon of the book!


About the author:

In the seventies, Laurence de Cambronne started her career at Paris Match, before moving on, in the eighties, aged 31, to become a feature editor at Elle magazine. In the nineties, she was in charge of 12 weekly pages. Inspired by the last page of The Sunday Times Magazine, “One day in the life of”, she created the famous last page “Une journée avec” in Elle magazine.

From 1993 to 2008, she was editor-in-chief at Elle, in charge of the pages “Vie Privée” (psychology, health, children, decoration, fashion, restaurants, food), “C’est mon histoire” (a true love story) and “Une journée avec”. She was also editor-in-chief of the Paris section of the magazine.

In the meantime, she had 5 children (5 boys). She gave birth to her last children, 2 twin boys, when she was 43.

Books written by Laurence de Cambronne

  • In 1978, she published a book with a very famous obstetrician, Professeur Claude Sureau, Le danger de naître (éd. Plon).
  • In 1998, she wrote the first version of Votre premier mois avec bébé (éd. Robert Laffont).
  • In 2004, she published Les Petits Agendas rouges (éd. Plon), a novel inspired by the true life of her mother during WWII.

She left Elle magazine in 2008.


Books edited and published by Laurence de Cambronne

She is now a free lance publisher (J.-C. Lattès, Plon, Le Livre de Poche):

  • March 2012: La Garde alternée by Marta de Tena, Vive la pension by Maryline Baumard and Mon métier de père by Gilles Verdiani, all published with J.-C. Lattès.
  • November 2012: Le Kit du xxie siècle, by François Reynaert et Vincent Brocvielle, J.-C. Lattès.