The Disobedient Women

Original title: Les Désobéissantes

Publication Date:

January 2023



Original language and publisher

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Worldwide excl. French


Crime & Thrillers

The Disobedient Women

Original title: Les Désobéissantes


This novel, the first by a young French screenwriter, exudes a bewitching atmosphere. A pen to follow. – Nathalie Jaquet, Maxi

A beautifully written story, which upsets the chronology, and where it is also shown that one does not recover from their childhood. — La Provence 

People say he has had a thousand lives. A childhood in an orphanage, youth under the sign of success, and, at the height of his glory, an engagement to a rich American woman. He was a discreet solitary virtuoso. The last woman in his life might have talked. But on this October morning, she is lying dead at the foot of a staircase.

Between the walls of a manor house in Picardy, the odd couple formed by the servant Elizabeth Storm and the pianist Marcus Solar is no more of this world. The artist has chosen a strange time to take his final bows. After 26 years of avoiding the public eye, he was about to give an exceptional series of concerts.

Who was Marcus Solar, a fallen star who died of a morphine overdose at age 70, when he was about to achieve legendary status? What mysteries did he hold inside him that made disappear on the eve of his triumphant return, taking an anonymous old woman with him?
And who are the women who open and close the tragic ball of an investigation in which friendship, shame and regrets all make an appearance?