The Danish Way of Education

Original title: Il nuovo metodo danese per educare i bambini alla felicità a scuola e in famiglia

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September 2018



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The Danish Way of Education

Original title: Il nuovo metodo danese per educare i bambini alla felicità a scuola e in famiglia

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What a great book! The Danish Way of Education harbours solid research, brilliant refections and striking tips to put into practice immediately. — Helle Jensen, Danish Psychologist

Alexander is a very keen observer and a really great communicator, wonderful in expressing complex matters in an engaging and empathic way. — Jesper Juul, Danish Psychotherapist

Alexander’s TEACH method explains an alternative way to educate children, with examples, comparisons and suggestions:

Trust: teaching with trust works through self-esteem, encouraging free play, helping children to understand why studying is important, and building contact into the curriculum.

Empathy: empathy is one of the pillars of education in Denmark: Alexander explains how we can learn to understand others and why teaching empathy from an early age is important for long-term wellbeing and success in later life.

Authenticity: according to The Danish Way, by being honest with children about all topics and emotions, even issues that might be considered taboo such as sex and death, we can handle things more directly, with an approach that promotes greater connection, resilience, and wellbeing from a young age.

Courage: children must be taught to have courage, and to make mistakes, to stimulate greater innovation and creativity. In addition, teaching the value of courage has proven to be efective against bullying.

Hygge (the art of being happy together): teaching hygge (“being present with your loved ones in an intimate, peaceful and welcoming environment”) and fælleskaab (fellowship) is a fundamental part of Alexander’s method, forming a connection with others through time set aside for “us” rather than “me”, to leave behind a legacy of happiness.

Jessica Alexander (Florida, 1976). She is a US psychologist and journalist, author of the international best-seller The Danish Way of Parenting (more than 50,000 copies sold in Italy). Jessica speaks five languages (English, Danish, Italian, French and Norwegian) and lives between Italy and Denmark. She works with “The Huffington Post”, “The Copenhagen Post” and “The Local Denmark”. Her website is: