The Danger Is You

Original title: Sei il mio pericolo

Publication Date:

May 2022



Original language and publisher

Italian | Garzanti

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, World English


Romance, Young Adult

The Danger Is You

Original title: Sei il mio pericolo


The chemistry between two people is unavoidable. It’s just there. And when you feel it the only possible choice is to surrender to it. You are not the right guy for me, I don’t want trouble and yet, I can’t resist you.

Red hair, impeccable uniform, Hailey Cohen is the head girl at the prestigious Sacred Heart University, one of the most exclusive schools in the country. Unlike other students, Hailey got there only relying on herself and thanks to a full scholarship. But the presence of Jake Carter could ruin everything she has struggled so much to build. That is because Jake’s father, a ruthless businessman, Gerico, knows a secret that could cost Hailey her scholarship. A secret about her birth, her roots, something that no one ever has to discover. This is the only reason she agrees to tutor Jake. At first, she really can’t stand this handsome boy with a bad attitude, spoilt and too much into parties and girls.

And yet, day after day she discovers that underneath that tough shell there’s more: he’s honest, smart, and sensitive. His clear green eyes tell more than his words and Hailey can no longer deny the electric feeling that shakes her every time they touch.

But Gerico wants them apart and tries everything to stop them from seeing each other. Hailey knows she has to tell Jake the truth because the pact she has struck with Gerico is the only thing keeping her away from him, the only boy she’s ever truly loved.

Margherita Pani is a very talented young writer and her debut novel proves it. She manages to create two unforgettable characters that will conquer the hearts of young readers. Because Hailey and Jake’s love is an unstoppable fire capable of making even the darkest night shining and warm.