The Copper King’s Daughter

Publication Date:

June 2023



Original language and publisher

English | Eversummer Media

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia


Commercial Fiction, Historical Fiction

The Copper King’s Daughter


WOW!! … I flew right through the book … what a firecracker Jules is. — Sandrah M.

This delightful read has it all: adventure, romance, humor, horse races, explosions, a flash flood, suffragettes, and best of all a ‘spirited’ young woman at the center of it all! …Can’t wait to see the movie! It would be such a great series! — LA Mama

A bit of romance and mystery along with a view of a different time and place [keeps] the reader engaged, entertained, and possibly learning a bit too. — BigAl, Books and Pals

Just a great story …. masterfully blends fact and fiction resulting in my favorite read of the summer! — Marlene

Great character development, subtle use of foreshadowing and a climactic ending. Very well done and a good summer read! — TJ

For fans of Beth Dutton in the hit series Yellowstone, here’s Rebecca Jasmine’s first novel about another gutsy and determined Montana girl who’s next in the line to take over the family empire. Throw in floods, explosions, love interests, and the first woman in American history to hold a congressional seat, and you’ve got just the right mix of action, history, mystery and romance.

Butte, Montana, 1905. Parker Copper Mining Company.

For her entire seventeen years, Jules Parker has felt a deep connection to her father’s pitch dark, ear-splittingly loud, and dirty copper mines.

Her father, AJ Parker, is the most prosperous and powerful man in the American West. He settled in Butte after first discovering gold, then silver. But because of the quick rise of telephones and the wiring of the modern world, the need for copper wire exploded and what he found deep in his mines turned out to be the most valuable of all — copper iron ore. He built an entire empire, becoming a Copper King with his mines in “the richest hill on earth.”

While Jules admires all that her father has accomplished, she cannot wait to run the mines, certain that she can bring even more success. The hardest part though… is convincing him.

When AJ announces he may be stepping away from mining to seek a position as Montana state senator, he hires the refined and good-looking Ted Jackson, who romances Jules and, in quick order, takes control of Parker Copper. With Ted in charge, Jules relinquishes her dream of running the mining company and envisions living a dull and conventional life. Until she meets a handsome stranger, Rand Buckley… who might be sabotaging Parker Copper for his own gain.

Loosely based on real events, Jules gets caught up in a riot at the horse races, gets swept away by a flash flood in the red-light district, befriends a strong woman who will eventually be the first woman elected to the U.S. Congress, and endures a fiery explosion at Parker Copper’s largest mine that may put an end to the company forever.