The Connection Algorithm

Author: Tevelow, Jesse Warren

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May 2015



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English (USA) | CreateSpace

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World excl. English


Business & Leadership, Personal Development

The Connection Algorithm

Author: Tevelow, Jesse Warren

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Young Jesse Tevelow is on to something. His new book, The Connection Algorithm, is chock full of phenomenal strategies for a better life. If you’re ambitious and motivated, The Connection Algorithm could be your roadmap to success. —Tony Horton, Creator of P90X

[The Connection Algorithm is] a combination of Jesse’s self-reflection and his advice for a first time entrepreneur …it’s a good ‘here’s what I’ve screwed up and learned from’ kind of story, with lots of powerful anecdotes and advice that is from his own experience, vs. being generic heavy-handed bullshit….He’s a great writer, and his issues are ones that many people in their 20’s have. —Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group, Cofounder of TechStars, and author of Venture Deals and the Startup Community series.

Promising first book [by] a new author, about a fascinating topic. —Jurgen Appelo, Contributing writer for Forbes, author of best-selling books Management 3.0, How to Change the World, and #Workout. Ranked as a Top 50 Management & Leadership Expert by

Ever wish you could be a little more extraordinary? A little happier? A little more in control of your life? Well, this is your blueprint for making it happen.

It might sound crazy, but it all starts with quitting your 9-5. Jesse should know. He quit his job to join TechStars, a startup accelerator that helped him and his business partner build a multimillion dollar company from the ground up. Then he wrote this book, while lounging at the beach. Sounds impossible? It’s not. This isn’t just Jesse’s story. It’s the story of every successful person you’ve ever known—and all of them have followed the same formula. After nearly a decade of interviews and research, Jesse has compiled the ultimate playbook for defying the status quo, weaving together the most critical yet overlooked tips from industry heavy-hitters like Ben Horowitz, Tim Ferriss, and Steve Jobs. The book includes important (and counterintuitive) advice on how to:

  • Get more productive
  • Follow your passions
  • Improve your health
  • Launch your first product or company
  • Take better calculated risks
  • Start connecting with your heroes

Beyond advice, you’ll also find lists of the actual sites, services, and techniques you can use to improve your performance in a range of disciplines. Join Jesse as he outlines the power of the Four C’s: Choose, Commit, Create, Connect. The Connection Algorithm is a quick read, with life-altering impact. With endorsements from Tony Horton and Brad Feld, and a foreword by TechStars Founder and CEO David Cohen, you’ll be glad you added this inspiring, actionable guide to your collection.

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