The Clock with a Thousand Hands. How the ‘Biological Clock’ Influences Your Life

Original title: De Klok met Duizend Wijzers

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October 2023



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Health & Lifestyle, Science

The Clock with a Thousand Hands. How the ‘Biological Clock’ Influences Your Life

Original title: De Klok met Duizend Wijzers


In “The clock with Thousand Hands,” Marijke Gordijn and neuroscientist Anneloes Opperhuizen explain in understandable language why it’s so important to follow your biological clock, what this biological clock actually is, how it functions, and how you can use this knowledge to structure your day. Of course, sleep is also discussed. Tribes living without artificial light appear to sleep for about six to eight hours in a single stretch at night, which hardly differs from the sleep pattern of the modern Western individual. On workdays, the average sleep duration for the modern Western individual is from 11:47 PM to 7:07 AM. — De Volksrant

In this popular science book it becomes clear that it would be better for all of us to stop the practise of ‘summer time’. The biological clock creates day and night rhythms in our body. It determines whether you are a morning or evening person and ensures that there are optimal times for exercising, eating, sleeping and performing, provided we listen carefully to this clock. If we do not do this, such as during the summer time change or night work, we can become ill. Based on various themes, we explain how the biological clock works, how it influences our behavior and examples and tips are given for a healthier and more successful life. — Gezondtijd

By ‘listening to our biological clock,’ we can perform better, feel better, sleep better, and maintain better long-term health.

“Your biological clock determines whether you are a morning person or a night owl, and thus when sleep comes most naturally to you and when you perform at your best. But there’s more, as the biological clock also has an opinion on the best time to eat. Both when you feel hungry and when your body processes food most efficiently are strongly influenced by your biological clock.”

This book explains the origin of the ‘master clock,’ how the healthy situation looks, and what disrupts it. Through various themes, the authors describe how the clock influences these behaviors, providing examples and tips for the reader to lead a healthier life.

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