The Cliffs

Original title: Les Falaises

Author: DeChamplain, Virginie

Publication Date:

February 2020



Original language and publisher

French | La Peuplade

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia


Literary Fiction

The Cliffs

Original title: Les Falaises

Author: DeChamplain, Virginie


A novel that takes femininity into uncharted territory, combining individual memory with family collective unconscious. It mixes the language of the feminine with resilience in an intimate and moving odyssey between sisters, daughters, women and lovers.

V. just learned her mother’s body was found washed up on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River in the Gaspésie, at the edge of the earth. She rushes back there, to her childhood home and builds an “island” for herself in the middle of the drafty living room. With the help of her grandmother’s journals, it is a place designed to discover and erase the history of her family’s female line… or bring it back. V. is completely absorbed in the journals and cannot stop reading. Her only escape is behind the counter at the local bar, topped with ethereal red hair and named Chloe.

Les Falaises (The Cliffs) is a tale about bringing order to chaos. It is a dreamlike journey, historical and feminine, bringing survivors together, mothers and daughters alike. From the Gaspésie to Iceland, they all have trouble staying put, choosing rather to be elsewhere and continually uprooting themselves.