The Broken Hearted Circle

Original title: Il circolo degli ex

Author: Vitali, Massimo

Publication Date:

June 2022



Original language and publisher

Italian | Sperling & Kupfer

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, World English


Commercial Fiction, Romance

The Broken Hearted Circle

Original title: Il circolo degli ex

Author: Vitali, Massimo


Were you ever out of a relationship without being really out of it? And what if the only way to start dating and living again is to share your experience with other heartbroken souls?

The end of some relationships feels like the end of love entirely. Instead of opening up to your future, you have the certainty that you will never find someone like the one you have lost.

This is what Pietro feels when he breaks up with Ginevra. In fairness, they’ve broken up before, countless times, for many reasons, but for him, it always feels unexpected, like the end of the world as he knows it.

Now that it’s been two months and five days since they last spoke to each other, Pietro is starting to realize that sometimes love can be a true addiction, one that leads to withdrawals and alters your perception of reality. So maybe, as it helps treat other addictions, a support group may be a good idea. So, Pietro decides to put together The Broken Hearted Circle, a support center for the heartbroken in which everyone can share their hurtful experience. His best friend Cesare will host the meeting every Wednesday, the “Ten Rules for being freed by Love” have been written and a lot of people are starting to show up.

The group is doing really well, Pietro is starting to feel whole again and has also met another incredibly beautiful girl, Chiara. Everything is going perfectly until Ginevra shows up in one of the meetings and says that she’s missing her ex, Pietro…

Thanks to his wonderful and distinctive writing, Massimo Vitali shines a light on the absurd and tragicomic side of some relationships, a delicate and profound comedy inspired by a true story: ours. Because everyone, at least once in their life, has thought that their universe was ending because of a break-up… right until they found someone else to fall in love with!