The Book of Liane

Original title: Le Livre de Liane

Publication Date:

March 2023



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Worldwide excl. French


Literary Fiction

The Book of Liane

Original title: Le Livre de Liane


A terrific book.  — RTL La Matinale

A moving book.  — RTBF La Première

Harassed for seven years at school, Diane – or Liane – killed herself when she was a student, leaving many writings discovered by her big sister, who made a book of them after a year of investigation. — Liberation

She wrote this book to show the reality of school bullying and so that parents, brothers and sisters, and relatives of victims can have the keys to detecting it.  — Code Source (podcast of Le Parisien)

One in ten students is currently the victim of school bullying in France. Agathe Lemaître has decided to fight this scourge with the weapons of fiction that grip the guts and make you want to take action. — Femme Actuelle

A moving story to free speech. — France 3 Occitanie

A fast-paced, deeply moving two-authored novel that deciphers the mechanisms of bullying.

A young woman’s tribute to her little sister. A reference for defending a cause that needs to become a priority.

Let me say this loud and clear: words can kill.

Louise has left Toulouse for a career far from home, in Singapore. In 2018, on her birthday, while she’s looking forward to the first good wishes, her father’s words break the peace and quiet of the night. Liane, her little sister, the one she was planning to travel the world with, has been found dead in her studio.

Once the deflagration of the announcement has passed, Louise becomes obsessed with just one thing: learning everything she can about the last months of Liane’s life in order to understand what led her to that irreversible act. She would never have dreamt of what she found out.

This novel was inspired by a true story. Drawing on both police archives and her sister’s diary, Louise unspools the thread of the tragedy. A tragedy that bears a name: bullying.

Liane dreamed of becoming a criminologist and a writer. This luminous book with two authors is hers: Le Livre de Liane was written to reveal the suffering, the silences and the solitude. And to celebrate the dignity and combativeness of the victims, which we hear through her voice.

Marketing Information

  • The government is going to include this book on a bibliography for secondary schools (in the context of the PHARE project).