The Art of Creativity: Daily Habits to Help Unleash your Most Creative Self

Author: Pearl, Susie

Publication Date:

August 2020



Original language and publisher

English | Orion Publishing

Territories Handled

Netherlands, Scandinavia


Personal Development

The Art of Creativity: Daily Habits to Help Unleash your Most Creative Self

Author: Pearl, Susie


‘Great food for thought and action’ – David Lynch

‘If anyone can give us insight into prolific creativity, it’s Susie Pearl. Her exceptional output through a literal life-and-death roller coaster has had me blinking in delight for years. Inspiration has no edges or ending, and Susie reminds us of that here’ – KT Tunstall

‘Susie is the embodiment of positivity and a creative force of happiness. In The Art of Creativity she has distilled her wealth of knowledge (that has so helped me over the course of our beautiful friendship) into practical exercises to design your life and allow your creativity to explode!’ – Jasmine Hemsley

‘If people ask me what books I recommend to jump start creativity and dissolve inner blocks, or find out how to get in the flow, I recommend this book written by my friend Susie Pearl, THE ART OF CREATIVITY. It’s practical and full of really great ideas to get creative and rise up through the fog. It explores how to be a maverick and how to build good routines in your day. There is something essential in there for everyone. Susie is an inspiration and her story reminds us that we must never lose hope. Her optimism and positivity is magnetic medicine for the world. She has truly been an inspiration to me personally in my life’ – Ricki Lake, US talkshow host

‘THE ART OF CREATIVITY has helped me to transform my way of thinking so I could live a more intentional life. This book will take your creative flow to another level. It’s magical and fun and you will never feel the same again after reading it.’ – Patsy Palmer

An inspiring, accessible and practical guide to tapping into unlocking the daily habits of highly creative people – the modern take on The Artist’s Way.

What do most highly creative people have in common? What are the habits they cultivate? What is ‘the flow’ and how do you get into it?

The Art Of Creativity is a practical guide to help you unlock your creative potential and find fulfilment and happiness in the process.

After 20 years working with some of the most creative people on the planet, writer and business coach Susie Pearl has unearthed the habits of highly creative people and takes you on a journey to unlock your own inner stream of creativity.

Over the course of this easy-to-follow guide, you will learn to take risks with your inner artist, ignore critics, release blocks and get into daily creative habits will in order to build better projects, ideas and artistic collaborations, and unearth creative solutions and innovations.

Containing practical tools and exercises, alongside personal interviews with leading artists such as David Lynch and Paul McCartney, The Art Of Creativity will reveal a more fulfilled, passionate and creative you.