The Anti-Mandala

Original title: L’Anti-Mandala

Publication Date:

November 2019



Original language and publisher

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French


Gift Book, Humor

The Anti-Mandala

Original title: L’Anti-Mandala


Are you fed up with being told to “be kind to yourself,” to “clear your mind,” all day long? What if some of us want to hang onto our anger, huh? Or to grouse about everything that gets on our nerves? This coloring book for adults is an irresistible invitation to let off steam. Bursting with both humor and provocation!

“Grant yourself a moment of calm ever day,” “Carpe diem,” “Be in the moment,” “Get back on the path to serenity”: STOP!!!!!!

This ANTI- Mandala book is composed of 46 pages for coloring, to give free rein to your anger… and your sense of humor!

Rather than coloring in little flowers while you breathe deep, try scribbling away with a vengeance – and an evil grin – at the provocations dreamt up by Catherine Bertrand: a joint slipped in between two daisies; Friday evening’s triple-threat;happy hour; and more. Each drawing is devoted to an every-day situation we can all identify with:

– Your computer does on the blink and you haven’t saved your work.
– Your boss has a “great idea” on Friday at 7 P.M.
– Your commute is taking forever because of the train’s umpteenth
“technical incident” of the week… or the endless traffic jams.
– Your kids just don’t grasp the concept of sleeping late on weekends
– And plenty more.

Marketing Information

  • In a similar vein to the Scribbling Book for Adults Who Are Bored at Work (Panama, 2006): 265,000 copies sold. (GFK figures)
  • A perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer.
  • For everyone who’s fed up with “personal development”: a not-at-all-PC wink everyone will want to give or to get!

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