The Amazons Take Flight

Original title: L’Envol des amazones

Author: Andrieu, Reine

Publication Date:

May 2022



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Worldwide excl. French


Commercial Fiction, Historical Fiction

The Amazons Take Flight

Original title: L’Envol des amazones

Author: Andrieu, Reine


What if a letter, written nearly a century ago, could challenge everything you know about your family?

1921: Leon, 19, is a convict on the penal colony in Cayenne, France’s overseas purgatory. Labelled a troublemaking union organizer who encouraged workers in continental France to go on strike, he is the butt of violence and abuse from the other convicts. The only things that give him the courage to keep going are writing letters to his fiancée, Marguerite, reading newspaper articles about the Aéropostale pioneers, and dreaming about becoming a pilot when he is freed.

2015: Sorting her father’s papers after he died, Lola comes across a mysterious letter sent almost a century before from Saint Laurent du Maroni. The letter reveals an entire chapter in her family’s history that she hadn’t known about; it becomes the starting point for a quest for her past that will lead her from southern France’s Tarn to the jungles of the Amazon.

After L’Hiver de Solveig (Solveig’s Winter), winner of the Kobo by Fnac Novel Prize, in L’Envol des amazones Reine Andrieu relates the story of a family secret buried deep in the twists and turns of the past. An incredibly moving tale, rich in intensity and emotion, that takes readers from southwestern France to French Guyana.

Praise for Solveig’s Winter:

The story is both tragic and extremely moving, a magnificent novel!  20 Minutes

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