The Adventures of Women in Tech. How We Got Here and Why We Stay

Author: Karen, Alana

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April 2022



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The Adventures of Women in Tech. How We Got Here and Why We Stay

Author: Karen, Alana


A must-have for new grads or the experienced alike, Alana Karen skillfully tells the stories of a diverse set of women in tech and demonstrates why belonging is so critical in careers and workplaces. As we navigate diversity questions in our world and workplaces, Adventures of Women in Tech is an outstanding and timely read. — Jonathan Rosenberg, former Senior Vice President of Products for Google.

Being a woman in tech can be lonely. Knowing that others have walked in your shoes makes a huge difference. In ‘Adventures of Women in Tech’, Alana Karen captures a range of experiences, from women at the start of their careers to women who built the industry from the start. As Alana knows from her career at Google (where I was proud to have her on my team), tech can be a thrilling and satisfying field – and with more women at every level, especially in leadership, it will be even better. — Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and Founder of

The Adventures of Women in Tech is a great go-to guide for inspiration and real talk. Alana Karen serves up a rich stew of stories about the career adventures of dozens of women working in technology companies, and bolsters her interviews with informative research and practical how-to’s. Whether you are starting your career or looking for your next chapter, there’s something here for you. — Karen Wickre, Founder, Kvox Media

Finally a book that speaks candidly to women navigating tech today! With her insights and deft writing, Alana Karen demonstrates both the amazing talent and skills of women in tech today and the very real challenges they face in navigating their careers. This book is a great opportunity for anyone to pick up and relate to directly or as an ally. — Kate Brodock, CEO, Women 2.0 and founder partner, W Fund

Can women have meaningful careers in tech? Are diversity efforts in Silicon Valley failing? Should women avoid working for technology companies?

Alana Karen was annoyed every time she saw the latest headline questioning women’s survival in tech. She pictured a new graduate deciding on her career and only having one-sided articles to help make her decision. She saw colleagues roll their eyes at books about C-level women in tech and heard jokes about how inaccessible those stories sounded. She wondered how women could feel like they belonged if they didn’t see themselves reflected in the media. Inspired by women she knows in tech — women with diverse backgrounds, education, and ambitions — she wrote The Adventures of Women in Tech to fill that gap. A twenty-year tech company veteran and leader, Alana Karen brilliantly and systematically replaces what we think we know about women in tech with more than eighty women’s stories of what it’s honestly like to join, lead, and thrive in today’s top technology companies.

The Adventures of Women in Tech delves into why we join tech, the challenges we face, and the skills and support we need to succeed and stay in an often challenging environment. In twelve chapters filled with intimate stories, insights, and advice from women working in technology companies and start-ups, Alana Karen demonstrates that we all belong in tech.


The authors took the challenges that women in tech face and broke each down to an actionable and addressable issue. Their practical tips help diagnose what is holding you back and help you find ways to break through, ask for what you want, and find your path. This book will help people navigate and grow their careers. — Deb Liu, CEO of Ancestry

Alana and team have presented us with an extremely effective opportunity to think about ourselves and our career advancement in a structured way, giving meaning, clarity and positive reinforcement to the many internal and external forces we have to manage daily as professionals. — Kate Brodock, CEO of Women 2.0 and Founding Partner of W Fund

The Adventures of Women in Tech Workbook is packed with meaningful exercises that help any woman to build her career and find her Own Awesome! — Jean Machart, Board Chair of Women Leading in Technology & Healthcare Executive

To build more inclusive products in Tech, we must have teams and leaders that represent the world. The Adventures of Women in Tech Workbook helps us embrace our own identities and channel them toward authentic, meaningful and productive careers leveraging our different backgrounds, interests and talents. — Annie Jean-Baptiste, Author of Building for Everyone, Founder of Equity Army

The workbook companion to the acclaimed book The Adventures of Women in Tech: How We Got Here and Why We Stay

Navigate your career with practical and life-tested wisdom. Based on the top-selling job advice and career book, The Adventures of Women in Tech: How We Got Here and Why We Stay, explore specific steps you can take in your life and career. Pace yourself with short, easy-to-understand exercises designed to accelerate your personal progress and help you find your way during the toughest of moments. Focus on building your tool chest leveraging five key tools:

  • Resilience: building the grit and the power to withstand adversity
  • Marketing 101: speaking up and promoting our talents and accomplishments
  • Ask!: having the confidence to network, reach out, and ask for help
  • Finding Support: seeking out those who will help us navigate our careers and provide a sense of belonging
  • Owning Your Awesome: Knowing you are enough and you are worthy

Whether you’re at the start of your career or building skills along the way, or whether you want to gain a new opportunity or build a current one, The Adventures of Women in Tech: The Workbook guides you through your thought processes and helps you build the tools you need to more than survive and thrive in tech.

Marketing Information

  • 2021 NYC Big Book Award – Non-Fiction Audiobook
  • 2021 Reader’s Digest Self-Published Award finalist
  • 2021 Best Indie Book Award – Non-Fiction category
  • 2022 IPBA’s Benjamin Franklin Awards nominee
  • 2022 Eric Hopper Award nominee
  • Axiom Awards nominee
  • Indie Excellence Awards nominee

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