Terra Nullius

Publication Date:

March 2022



Original language and publisher

French | Hugo & Compagnie

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia


Crime & Thrillers

Terra Nullius


A disenchanted hero, detective Hugo Boloren, investigates a series of sordid crimes in a lawless region between France and Belgium where misery reigns. This captivating dark novel is sublimated by a unique and singular style full of empathy and melancholic poetry.

Since Dover, things haven’t been great for Hugo Boloren. He walks around the police station, almost apathetic. So, when Captain Grosset gets an appointment for his mother in a Lille clinic, he is happy to accompany them.

Coincidentally, the day before his departure, he hears on the radio that a child was attacked in France’s largest landfill site, on the Franco-Belgian border, just next to a slum—a “terra nullius,” a land without a master. Hugo’s instincts whisper to him to check it out…

Thanks to the two Lille detectives, the most sordid criminal case of Hugo’s career will be solved.

Marketing Information

  • Quai du Polar’s Le Point award 2022 for Best European Thriller