Tambouille and Gribouille

Original title: Tambouille et Gribouille

Publication Date:

May 2022



Original language and publisher

French | Les Arènes


Graphic Novels & Comics

Tambouille and Gribouille

Original title: Tambouille et Gribouille


The first comic book for children that offers a story AND a recipe with two young heroes at the stove.

A new comic book series for children: heroes in the kitchen.

These comic books depict two main characters: Tambouille (a little girl who does everything right) and Gribouille (a cat who does everything wrong) are under the nose of a small mouse who never loses a crumb…Funny and endearing, these characters find themselves confronted with all sorts of situations throughout the various titles of the collection.

Each comic book is a recipe, each title an opportunity to read a story while following the happy path to creating something especially chosen for children that is easy, fun and appetising. The first two titles of this collection tell you how to make pan – cakes (“Tambouille and Gribouille prepare a pan – cake snack”) and how to make a fun cake using cupboard leftovers (“Tambouille and Gribouille dream up an amazing cake”). Whether the recipe is tried out or not, each comic book reads like a unique story allowing the young reader to laugh and discover their misadventures.

A practical recipe card accompanied by useful tips and tricks.

The recipe is featured again clearly and precisely at the end of the book. The comprehensive cooking steps are accompanied by an advice page and all sorts of useful tips and tricks so that the recipe can be made without a hitch.

The Wednesday activity book.

Carrying out a recipe or any other hands-on pro – ject at home with your child means suggesting an experience that goes beyond the actual result; it’s also a creative hobby suitable for weekends and Wednesdays. The first two titles are for reading, indulging and learning (how to break an egg, turn on a mixer…).

  • A comic book with a recipe: a new “two-in-one” concept
  • Endearing characters that are in no way intimidating
  • Useful tips and tricks to help children make the recipes