Sunrise Over Sapphire Bay

Author: Martin, Holly

Publication Date:

April 2020



Original language and publisher

English (UK) | Holly Martin

Territories Handled

Netherlands, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Netherlands (Zomer & Keuning, three-book deal)


Commercial Fiction

Sunrise Over Sapphire Bay

Author: Martin, Holly


For fans of Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell, Sarah Morgan, Lindsey Kelk, Fiona Valpy and Sue Moorcroft


Part of a 3-book series set in Jewel Island, but can be read as a standalone

Fall in love with the beautiful Jewel Island this summer, where the sapphire sea sparkles, the golden sun warms your skin and the islanders melt your heart. From the bestselling author of The Little Village of Happiness comes Holly Martin’s most romantic novel yet.

Aria Philips has lived on Jewel Island all of her life. Even when her sisters Clover and Skye left its stunning shores for bigger and better things, Aria stayed to help her father run their family hotel.

A year after her father’s death Aria’s done everything she can to keep things afloat but the hotel has long been struggling to make a profit. With so few guests Aria risks losing the only home she’s ever had. Noah Campbell earned his fortune from making hotels a success, and he also just happens to be staying on Jewel Island this summer. Could he be the answer to Aria’s problems? If only he hadn’t kissed her under the willow tree the year before and never called her again. It had been the most incredible kiss of her life, but clearly business and pleasure should never be mixed.

As gorgeous and charming as Noah may be, Aria vows to keep things professional while she seeks his help. But for the past year Noah has been keeping a secret and his return to Jewel Island is about to change Aria’s life forever…

AUTUMN SKIES OVER RUBY FALLS (Book 2, September 2020)

Clover Philips is exactly where she’s meant to be – back home on Jewel Island teaching dance to the guests at the beautiful Sapphire Bay Hotel that she co-owns with her sisters Skye and Aria. Her life is complete, except for one thing… When Clover left London she also left behind a devastating betrayal. She hasn’t been able to date anyone since, let alone allow herself to fall in love. What she needs is a casual fling to ease herself back into romance. And as luck would have it, the very handsome Angel Mazzeo is back in town.

The chemistry between Clover and Angel has been undeniable ever since Angel first arrived on Jewel Island six months ago. And though content to be her friend till now, Angel is more than willing to help Clover find her dating feet again. It should be easy to keep things carefree when love is off the table, but when every moment is magical what started as casual soon becomes something much deeper. Will Clover and Angel find the courage to tell each other how they really feel? And is Clover ready to do the one thing she swore she’d never do again, fall in love?


Marketing Information

  • Over 46,300 sales since publication on 25th April 2020 (Book 1)
  • Over 9,900 sales since publication on 10th September 2020
  • #17 Amazon Kindle UK
  • #3 in the Holiday Fiction Kindle category and in Romantic Comedy