Such Violent Mankind

Original title: Toute la violence des hommes

Author: Colize, Paul

Publication Date:

March 2020

Original language and publisher

French | Hervé Chopin Éditions

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Worldwide excl. French


Crime & Thrillers

Such Violent Mankind

Original title: Toute la violence des hommes

Author: Colize, Paul


Strong and moving. – Barbara Abel

Half Brussel’s murals reality, half fiction, one hundred percent Colize. – Michel DUFRANNE – RTBF

Paul Colize signs a fascinating novel. – Jean-Marie Wynants – Le Soir

We love this book : characters are well done, mysterious and witty. – Audrey Verbist – L’Avenir

This is big. The best novel by Paul Colize since Un long moment de silence (…) Such violent mankind is part of my top 10 favorite this year !! – Bernard Poirette – Europe 1

Between Brussels and Vukovar, Paul Colize fills the gaps of History.

Who is Nikola Stankovic ?

An artistic genius, a breathtaking performer who feels lively the higher he gets, at night, climbing up the most unlikely monument and buildings of the Belgian Capital, for the adrenaline’s sake ?

An over gifted painter who leaves coded messages and hidden meanings in his ultra violent and giant murals ?

A fool ?

A liar ?

A murderer ?

Nikola is the last one who saw alive a young woman who has been murderered by knife in her apartment. The Belgian police found drawings of the murder scene in Nikola’s own studio.

Arrested, he is taken for questioning and then put in jail  as he does not answer any questions and keeps on saying « I did not do it ».

A brilliant Head of the Psychiatric Institution, Pauline Derval, is asked by the authority to say whether or not he is a fool non responsible for his behavior or a liar and a murderer. For an unknown reason, she is moved by Nikola and gives him drawing materials to help him open up and talk.

She will be helped by Nikola’s lawyer, who is convinced he is innocent but cannot save his client if he is unwilling to save his own life.

The answers of all their questions lay in the memories of Nikola and in art.

Marketing Information

  • Prix Polar Michel Lebrun 2020.
  • Prix des lecteurs 2020 du Festival du polar de Villeneuve lez Avignon.

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