Such a Bad Influence

Author: Muenter, Olivia

Publication Date:

June 2024



Original language and publisher

English (USA) | Quirk Books

Territories Handled



Crime & Thrillers, Young Adult

Such a Bad Influence

Author: Muenter, Olivia


A razor-sharp debut thriller about what happens when one of the first child stars of the social media age grows up . . . and goes missing

Hazel Davis is drifting: newly unemployed, living in a city she hates, and significantly less successful than her infamous younger sister, Evie. Evie grew up online, having gone viral at age five in a daddy-daughter dance video. She had an Instagram following in elementary school and brand sponsorships before she could drive. Now she’s a mega-popular lifestyle influencer with a million-dollar career at an age before most teens know what they want to study at university.

But to her older sister Hazel, @evelyn is just Evelyn—a kid who has been exploited by their parents for her entire childhood. Ten years older and spotlight-averse, Hazel managed to dodge the family business, but she’s deeply protective of Evie and skeptical of the way everyone seems to want a piece of her: Evie’s followers, her YouTuber boyfriend, her frenemies across the influencer industry.

So when Evelyn disappears —during a brand-sponsored trip to LA, in the middle of a livestream—Hazel throws herself into the darkest parts of internet culture to untangle the threads behind her disappearance. After all, Hazel knows Evie better than anyone else… doesn’t she?

Internet fame, the allure of parasocial relationships, and some of our biggest cultural obsessions collide in this electric page-turner

Marketing Information

  • Initial print run: 75,000 copies