The Successful Mistake. How 163 of The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Transform Failure Into Success

Author: Turner, Matthew

Publication Date:

June 2016



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English (UK) | Turndog Publishing


Business & Leadership

The Successful Mistake. How 163 of The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Transform Failure Into Success

Author: Turner, Matthew

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“Matthew Turner has solid information in here. He speaks from a place of freshness, but with that air of someone who’s been through it.” — Chris Brogan, New York Times Bestseller Author of Trust Agents

“Mistakes are part of life, and although we tell ourselves not to get hung up on them, we often do in the moment. But Matthew Turner gives us a different view, and after interviewing so many inspiring people for this book, he offers lessons I only wish I had learned when I first started my business. A great read which keeps your attention throughout, and a book I plan to tell a lot of people about.” — Kevin Kruse, New York Times Bestseller Author of 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

“Overcoming your fear of failure is something that holds many entrepreneurs back. It’s a difficult hurdle to tackle, but it’s those who do that realise their greatest success. In ‘The Successful Mistake’, Matthew Turner dives into how some of the world’s finest minds achieve this. A must read for anyone still finding their way.” — Danny Iny, Multiple Bestselling Author of Think and Grow Rich, Engagement From Scratch, and The Audience Revolution

“People either tend to fear failure, or glorify it. I find neither works, but what Matthew has done with ‘The Successful Mistake’ is find that happy medium. He shows you how powerful your mistakes can be, so long as you follow a proven process. A great and inspiring read.” — Jeff Goins, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of The Art of Work

The Successful Mistake is the sort of book I wish I had read when I first started my lifestyle business. We ‘know’ about mistakes and adversity, and how we have to overcome them. But when in life are we taught how to deal with it? Through his latest book, Matthew Turner shows you how. It’s a great read, and one I’ll be recommending to a lot of people (in my business, and life in general). — Jesse Krieger, Bestselling Author of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Learn from others’ failures to mine the gold from your own. None of us try to fail. But I’ve learned that “failing” is also a necessary stepping stone on the road to success. Failure strengthens and teaches us like nothing else can. Thus, I’m one of these failure Matthew captures so well in this book. Truly successful people understand there really is no such thing as failure – either we win or we learn. — Dan Miller, New York Times Bestseller Author of 48 Days

“Too often, stories about entrepreneurship focus on the glamorous upside. Matthew Turner’s book shows what it’s really like in the trenches – the hard things people don’t usually talk about. It’s a valuable reminder that nothing comes easy, but anything is possible with effort.” — Dorie Clark, Author of Stand Out

“The moment I heard about The Successful Mistake, I couldn’t wait to be involved. There are not enough resources that focus on overcoming mistakes and failure, but it’s a huge hurdle all entrepreneurs must tackle in order to be a successful business owner.” — Scott Oldford, Author of Connections That Count

“Matthew Turner’s The Successful Mistake is proof positive that the very things that trip us up are the same things that help us grow and develop. Bravo to Matthew on this important and inspiring read.” — Debbie Millman, Author Brand Thinking & Other Noble Pursuits

“We all make mistakes, and we need to learn how to make Successful Mistakes. It’s great to focus on success stories and overnight sensations, the truth is EVERY entrepreneur makes a lot of mistakes before they create their legacy. The fact Matthew Turner has interviewed so many inspiring people blows me away, and I cannot wait to see this book IGNITE the world!” — John Lee Dumas, Author of The Freedom Journal

“Your shortest route to success is failure”

After interviewing 163 of the world’s finest business minds, Matthew Turner proposes you can, and in ‘The Successful Mistake: How 163 of The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Transform Failure Into Success’ you’ll learn how to bounce back from mistakes quicker and stronger than even those you admire have.

Featuring the likes of Chris Brogan (New York Times bestselling author), Rachel Elnaugh (BBC Dragon’s Den investor), Mitch Joel (Media Visionary and recipient of the prestigious Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 award) and many other inspiring thought-leaders, The Successful Mistake uncovers their biggest mistakes and how they transformed these into successful legacies that continue to thrive.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself what the most important business mistakes to avoid are, and the red flags you need to look out for, The Successful Mistake is for you because Matthew Turner has discovered a Seven Stage Process everyone goes through after making a mistake, but that successful entrepreneurs approach differently to most.

All that’s left to do is dive in and discover how your next (or even your current) failure can become your greatest success yet.

Imagine living in a world where you transform each one of your mistakes into a success story. Just consider what this would do to your business, bottom line, stress levels, growth, and happiness.

Matthew Turner is an author & storyteller who works with entrepreneurs, founders & creative thinkers to build thriving businesses that light a fire within them. After interviewing 163 authority figures, Matthew’s unearthed how successful people overcome failure and adversity, not only ensuring they don’t ruin their livelihood, but form the basis of their greatest idea yet. Through his research & findings, he shares what separates successful business people apart from everyone else, and how you can implement a successful mindset that lets you build a happy, free & successful work / life balance — let alone profit & all the other goodness that comes with success & infamy.


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