Original title: Frappabord

Publication Date:

January 2024



Original language and publisher

French | La Peuplade

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

English (World) (Coach House)


Literary Fiction


Original title: Frappabord


 “It strikes a perfect balance between past and present, and even includes clever little chapters that present the point of view of the hated insect. The plot is rather clear and can be devoured in one go.” — L’Actualité

“Inspired by historical facts, Mireille Gagné’s new novel, Frappabord, at times takes on the appearance of a waking nightmare. Terribly disturbing, but furiously captivating.” — La Presse

“An original work whose form and topicality will hit the mark. Quite a kick-off!” — La Librairie Francophone

“From the first lines, we are fascinated. The ecological threat has been lurking for decades, and what’s more, it is told from the point of view of the species that we sought to transform. Disturbing!” — Journal de Québec

“Mireille Gagné has her own way of giving a voice to the nature that surrounds us, of illustrating its power as well as its richness… And Frappabord does not seem to deviate from this line. With almost an action film feel, the novel promises to remind readers that we must “listen to what the living is trying to say: balance is a state to be regained”.” — Le soleil

“What an excellent novel! These three voices speak to us, each in turn. This slightly tense, slightly mysterious atmosphere. And above all this reflection of the relationship that man has with nature, this idea that man thinks he can control everything. Mireille is very gifted at making a very “animal” text, very close to the animal she depicts. I loved it.”—Librairie L’Humeur Vagabonde, Paris

“A great voice of Quebec literature, Mireille Gagné once again demonstrates invention!” —Claudia Larochelle, Dessine-moi un matin, Ici Radio-Canada Première

A stormy novel on science and its destructive drive for humanity.

1942, Province of Quebec, Grosse-Île, in the St. Laurent River. German U-boats, the American and British governments and the Canadians are setting up a top-secret project. Dozens of scientists are gathered in order to develop a bacterial weapon.

Decades later, as climate change brings on unprecedented heat waves, the population of the small town of Montmagny are furious as the “Strikeonboards” invade and spread like an epidemic.

Mireille Gagné shows her inventiveness in this second eco-friendly novel. She subtly recommends that we listen to what humanity is saying. A good balance between men and nature has to be searched and reinstated.

You’re everywhere. You only think about yourself. Your overpowering chemical smell spreads with the pollution you generate. You disfigure everything in your path and you don’t bother to erase your tracks. But it’s the only way you can survive. However, in isolating yourself at this very moment… Now you should be afraid, very afraid because now our people are ready to attack.

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