Original title: Reste

Publication Date:

April 2023



Original language and publisher

French | L’Iconoclaste

Territories Sold

Netherlands (Atlas Contact)
Germany (DTV)
Italy (Solferino)


Literary Fiction

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Original title: Reste


An “exquisite corpse”
In a chalet in the middle of the mountains, a woman and her lover meet in secret, without his wife knowing. The two of them are living a romance, a timeless interlude. In a matter of seconds, the lover dies of a heart attack, leaving the narrator alone with his lifeless body. She decides to keep the corpse and, to overcome her grief and the violence of the event, she begins to write letters to his wife. She tells her the story of their unfaithful love.

A sentimental initiation
Next to the inert body of the one she loved so much, all the memories of her past romantic relationships resurface: the men she has known, those who have hurt and abused her. She thinks back to her failures up until she met this man, who revealed her to herself. With him, she learned how to love. Now that nothing else matters to her, she has only one goal: to give him the most beautiful burial.

A new side of Adeline Dieudonné’s talent
After the detour through the choral narrative of Kérozène, the author ofLa vraie vie returns to the novel genre. Adeline Dieudonné is less ferocious, less surreal, but more touching, more loving. She excels in this new register.

Marketing Information

  • A new wild and heart-breaking novel by the author of La vraie vie (275,000 copies sold. Licensed in 22 languages), and Kérozène (40,000 copies).

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