Author: Chiperi, Cristina

Publication Date:

February 2017



Original language and publisher

Italian | Garzanti

Territories Handled

France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, World English

Territories Sold

France (Pocket Jeunesse)
Romania (Bestseller)


Young Adult


Author: Chiperi, Cristina


The story of a friendship that seemed infinite. The story of a promise betrayed, which changed everything. The story of a choice that heals a wounded soul. Because evens stars can get lost but no sky is so infinite that they will not meet again.

The university corridors seem endless to a fresh undergraduate like Daisy. Everything is new and exciting. She can’t think of a more serene period in her life until, in those same corridors, she meets a pair of eyes she would have preferred never to see again. The eyes belong to Ethan, her best friend when she was twelve. Behind that rebellious tuft of hair, Daisy recognizes the shy and mysterious boy who had won her heart with his stories about the sky and the constellations, especially those binary stars which, to the naked eye, look like a single one, but are really an inseparable pair. They spin together always, no matter what. And that’s what she and Ethan were like. Then it all changed.

Because he betrayed her trust and Daisy doesn’t believe such a strong relationship can exist again. She no longer believes in the magic of the stars. She believes in the attraction of words and reasoning. They couldn’t be more different: she lost in the teachings of her beloved philosophers and he in his astronomic formulae. At this point they speak two different languages. And yet meeting him again after so long brings Daisy strong and contrasting emotions. She must choose between remembering and forgiving. Her first instinct is to run away. Because the light of the stars can blind you. But binary stars are born, not made, and nothing can change destiny. There’s always a force that pulls you back again. Your place is there, for always.

Marketing Information

  • Under option in Germany and Spain
  • English sample available