Soar. How the World’s Best Airline Brands Delight Customers and Inspire Employees

Author: Nigam, Shashank

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December 2016



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Soar. How the World’s Best Airline Brands Delight Customers and Inspire Employees

Author: Nigam, Shashank

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“Copying what the competition is doing doesn’t work in any industry, especially in air travel, which most consumers see as a commodity. Shashank takes a deep dive into the fascinating stories of how successful airlines have created their own path.” —DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, now in 25 languages from Arabic to Vietnamese

“One of those rare books that’s full of inspiring stories and actionable strategies, which can help you excel in your job as a marketer.” —DR. BERND SCHMITT, Director – Center on Global Brand Leadership, Columbia Business School

“Shashank Nigam gets it: to build a lasting brand, you can’t be following the usual rules of marketing. Like the airlines covered in SOAR, you need to think beyond the ordinary.” —PATRICK MURPHY, former Chairman, Ryanair

“I’ve learnt a great deal from Shashank, and you will too. His book uncovers the secrets of the best airline brands in the world, which will help you stay ahead of competition, for a long time to come.” —NICOLA LANGE, Director – Premium Services, Lufthansa

“SOAR is a brilliant investigation into how airline brands that succeed do so. Great inspiration if you’re in an industry that is just as competitive.” —ANDRES FABRE, CEO, Aeromar, former COO Volaris

“The airline industry is very unique. Yet, few have been able to distill lessons from the best airline brands for the rest of us, like Shashank does.” —HENRI COURPRON, former CEO, ILFC and Airbus North America

“Shashank Nigam’s vision is fully expressed by his analysis of these powerful connections between airline brands, their customers and their employees. He is the leading steward pushing the boundaries of airline marketing, a pioneer to do so.” —JEFF CACY, former Managing Director of Airline Marketing, Boeing

“When an authority on aviation marketing like Shashank authors a book on the topic, you must read it.” —ANGELA GITTENS, Director General, Airports Council International (ACI World)


An airline has over 50 different brand touch points at which it can choose to operate exactly as it has in the past or to exceed expectations at each step and become truly remarkable. This book charts the journey of eight exceptional airline brands through the eyes of the very people who made it happen– the employees.

In an ultra-competitive industry like aviation, what makes a brand last? That is the core question SOAR seeks to address. Why is the Singapore Girl trained to prevent the Christmas Lights effect in the cabin? How does Air New Zealand belt out blockbuster safety videos each year? How does Finnair successfully market itself in Asia, where it deploys over 80% of its long-haul capacity? Which constraint led Turkish Airlines to create the most watched advertisement on YouTube? Why an in-house design team helps Kulula be the funniest air- line in the world? What was the hardest period in Tony Fernandes’ career? Why is nepotism encouraged at Southwest?

SOAR highlights airline brands that are thinking differently about branding, and executing brilliantly. There is an exceptional breed of airlines that continue to win in their markets because they dare to think differently. They dare to challenge the conventional wisdom and industry norms. Some proactively borrow concepts from consumer industries; some choose to put customers at the heart of their business; some choose to empower their staff to lead the brand. Yet, they all aim to create an experience that the customers will appreciate, pay for and share about – in their own different ways. This book sets a new direction on and a new attitude towards airline marketing.