Little Teeth, Long Fangs

Original title: Petites dents, grands crocs

Publication Date:

January 2023



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Worldwide excl. French


Crime & Thrillers, Literary Fiction

Little Teeth, Long Fangs

Original title: Petites dents, grands crocs


In a bewitching language and rhythm, a sort of dark refrain where vampires take on the finery of tenderness, Émilie Guillaumin offers with this third book an uncompromising look at the couple and motherhood. – Actualitté

In this novel conceived as a thriller, the questions are posed in a brilliant way and we tremble for Sarah, lost between obsessions, reality and fantasies until the last page! – Ariane Bois, Psychologies Magazine

Absolutely dizzying! An absolutely amazing ending! – France 5, Le Magazine de la Santé 

This kind of novels, there are not many in the life of a bookseller. It is the discovery of a great writer. – Gerard Collard, Sud Radio: Les Coups de cœur des libraires 

A real suspense – Sandrine Babu de la Librairie de l’Instant, La voix est livre 

Emilie Guillaumin is on the side of Stephen King. A very great novel about paranoia, a very great novel about the couple itself. – Olivia de Lamberterie, France 2 Télématin

A psychological and dynamic suspense, an incisive rhythm, a novel that grabs and jostles. – Hubert Artus, Le Parisien Week-end

A woman’s look without complacency on the couple and motherhood. – Monique Ayoun, Biba

An almost-noir novel that explores femininity, motherhood and couples, in the manner of a Chabrol film. Spellbinding!

Sarah Barry, an apparently happy wife and mother, resigned from the HR department of a large corporation in order to give herself a year to write. But now that she finally has the time she needs, the trap of domesticity seems to be closing in on her.

It starts with exhaustion and hair loss, and then there are those throbbing headaches.
When he’s not traveling on business, her husband coddles her, then tries to browbeat her into snapping out of it, interrogates her. Leading their son into a dance that’s spinning out of control. Unless it’s all in her head?

With a spell-binding style and pace, a sort of noir refrain in which vampires are garbed in the finery of affection, Émilie Guillaumin’s third book offers an uncompromising look at couples and motherhood.

Marketing Information

  • Over 8,000 copies sold for Emilie Guillaumin’s previous novel, L’Embuscade (acclaimed by booksellers + the press), an audiovisual adaptation is underway, and rights sold in Germany.

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