The Sister Joan Murder Mystery Series

Author: Black, Veronica

Publication Date:

January 2021

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English | Joffe Books

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France, Netherlands, Scandinavia

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Crime & Thrillers

The Sister Joan Murder Mystery Series

Author: Black, Veronica



Sister Joan is thirty-five and a natural rebel. Coming late to her vocation, she still remembers life outside the convent. But having left behind her lover to serve God, she is now committed to her path. When her Mother Superior sends her to the Cornwall House, her loyalties are split — but she knows her ultimate duty is to the truth. She is lucky to have the use of the House’s stable mare, Lilith, to travel to her teaching duties at the local primary school, where she hears local gossip.

A VOW OF SILENCE (Book 1 — January 2021)

1988. Order of the Daughters of Compassion, Bodmin, Cornwall. The sisters at a lonely Cornish convent share a chilling secret they cannot confess… Sister Sophia is dead.

One nun is dead. Another disappears. And a mysterious last letter from a dying nun is sent to the prioress.

Sister Joan has faced her own demons. Now she is sent to the convent to investigate, as well as teach the local children.

What’s going on with the nuns? There are whispers of virgin sacrifice and suicide, and the mother prioress certainly wears pink nail varnish. And who is the young man hiding in the bracken?

Meet Sister Joan, a rebel nun who vows to find out the truth.

A VOW OF CHASTITY (Book 2 — January 2021)

A VOW OF SANCTITY (Book 3 — January 2021)

A VOW OF OBEDIENCE (Book 4 — January 2021)

A VOW OF PENANCE (Book 5 — March 2021)

A VOW OF DEVOTION (Book 6 — February 2021)

Two newcomers are visiting the convent in the hope of joining the nuns. But soon after their arrival, there’s a mysterious late-night intruder. Who left the single red rose on the chapel steps? And are they connected to the new-age travelers camping on the moor?

When one of the women is found bludgeoned to death, Sister Joan knows that their isolated convent is no longer safe. Teaming up with Detective Sergeant Mill, Sister Joan must once again investigate the grisly goings-on.



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