My Sincere Condolences

Original title: Mes sincères condoléances

Author: Bailly, Guillaume

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Worldwide excl. French



My Sincere Condolences

Original title: Mes sincères condoléances

Author: Bailly, Guillaume

  • 2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French
  • Rights sold: Romania (Humanitas), Canada French (Éditions Guy Saint-Jean), Czech Republic (Omega), Poland (Wydawnictwo Dolnośląskie/Publicat, at auction)
  • Over 70,000 copies sold


“Stories that’ll make you cry or laugh, told with kindness.” — Le Parisien

“A little gem.” — France Inter

“Hilarious!” — RTL

When reality goes beyond fiction! Memorable times during funerals

“When you’re an undertaker, it’s 24/7! Simply mention what you do for a living, and your evening with friends immediately turns into an interrogation: How does one become an undertaker? Is embalming an easy thing to do? How are the families of the deceased? And do any paranormal phenomena really happen? Is it true what they say about cemeteries?

Based on my extensive experience as an undertaker, I wanted to share some small things that went wrong along with great moments of some of the burials I’ve witnessed: family blunders, macabre gaffes, ‘technical incidents’, surprising requests and bloopers of all kinds are indeed quite common!”

Funerals are intense, solemn and unique moments… But the last tribute to a loved one can sometimes go down in history! The ceremonies are often the scene of amazing events, which are sometimes funny, sometimes extravagant, but always original. Between laughter and tears, the author opens the doors of a career choice that generally prefers to keep secrets. This book, based 100% on real-life experiences, allows you to gently discover these unimaginable stories with unlikely scenarios… And yet, everything is true!

Guillaume Bailly has been working in the funeral parlor for over twenty years. Passionate about this job like no other, he has organized and directed more than 2,000 ceremonies.


Czech Republic (Omega)