Short Stories on Love

Original title: Des nouvelles de l’amour

Author: Rey, Nicolas

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March 2017



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Short Stories on Love

Original title: Des nouvelles de l’amour

Author: Rey, Nicolas

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It would be a mistake to reduce Rey’s literature to contemporary banter; books that are fashionable, perishable. He writes love without lying (to himself). He dwells relentlessly on the sad workings of men and women who love each other, get bored and break up. (…) He says: “We are children who get old.” His books stay young. Read Nicolas Rey. ­– Les Inrocks

A modern, down-to-earth voice, a melancholic, sexual gaze. – Libération

These short stories are like flashes, they illuminate an emotional impulse, a sex plan, a breakup. — Marie Claire


Like Raymond Carver, who he reveres, Nicolas Rey sees the short story genre as a space with endless possibilities.

Short stories of our times, in Paris and forgotten villages, housewives, workers, unemployed people, artists… Nicolas Rey invents derisory lives and lends them his tormented, neo-romantic sensibility to make them even more sublime.

With a Fitzgeraldian soul, he is fighting his demons. In his writing and in his life: excess in all genres, “a lovers hypersensitivity that tries in vain to couple with the voracious need for sex” (Les Inrocks), melancholic states…


  • Like Beigbeder and Despentes, Nicolas Rey belongs to the new generation of authors that have shaken up French literature. His novel Mémoire courte was awarded the Prix de Flore in 2000.
  • A national tour of musical readings from the book is planned with its release.
  • By the author of Un léger passage à vide (Au Diable Vauvert, 2010): 65 000 copies, GFK; Courir à trente ans (Au Diable Vauvert, 2004): 30 000 copies, GFK; L’amour est declare (Au Diable Vauvert, 2012): 15 000 copies, GFK.

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