Secrets of a Working Dog. Unleash Your Potential and Create Success

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Secrets of a Working Dog. Unleash Your Potential and Create Success

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“Written by a husband and wife team from the point of view of Bella, their happy boxer, this charming guide to success offers valuable life lessons aimed at helping readers enjoy well-balanced lives. The book’s commonsense advice originates from Bella’s experience: keep life uncomplicated, find out where your passion lies, and take time every day to reflect. This canine wisdom applies to everything from breathing to stretching and exercising to choosing happiness. Readers are also presented with engaging case studies of successful individuals who exemplify the book’s advice, including Amy Sacks, whose Pixie Project allows her to follow her passion and help facilitate animal adoptions, and Carol Gardner, who turned the end of her marriage into an opportunity by creating a line of greeting cards. Also included are sections on communication, persistence, camaraderie, maintaining focus, and the importance of napping as well as practical and realistic advice about time management. Delightful and insightful, Bella’s pearls of wisdom will entertain while imparting more than a few valuable lessons.” – Publishers Weekly

“Man’s best friend has much to teach us about man’s most feared daily grind. “Secrets of a Working Dog” is a humorous take on success in the corporate world as the Galvins present a self-help guide through the eyes of Bella the Boxer, their director of goodwill, or D.O.G.. Encouraging readers to connect with their inner dog, what will get them moving, being a leader when no one else will and not to drive oneself crazy while doing it, “Secrets of a Working Dog” is an excellent and highly recommended resource for anyone who wants to succeed in life and in the business world.” – Midwest Book Review

“This husband and wife team has tapped on a fundamental lesson. Dogs are great teachers and can impart valuable wisdom in just about every part of our lives. By applying a dog’s tactic to our own lives, we can take a journey of self-discovery that will propel us, compel us, and ultimately result in more successful encounters in work and in our personal path. As the book cover says, Bella the Boxer will indeed help you connect with your inner dog and step up as the leader of the pack. Those with dogs will immediately understand how they can use the dog as a teacher. Those without may be encouraged to get one – let this be your handbook.” – Hal Abrams, Co-host of Animal Radio

Bella’s practical, commonsense advice inspires readers to be their own best “top dog” in life and business.

Written from the point of view of Bella, a happy and mischievous boxer, Secrets of a Working Dog. Unleash Your Potential and Create Success teaches readers how to live successful and well-balanced lives by tapping into their inner dog and adopting the techniques that come naturally to canines of all shapes, sizes and pedigrees.

Blending wit and wisdom with good old-fashioned canine intuition, Bella has created an easy yet powerful read that takes humans on a walk of self-discovery. This book is for anyone who seeks straightforward and simple advice on how to how to juggle the responsibilities and challenges of modern life and still have fun… from stepping up as leader of the pack to staying focused, shaking off setbacks, pursuing your dreams, building long-lasting relationships and living fully while balancing work and play.