Seasons series

Original title: Les saisons

Publication Date:

September 2023



Original language and publisher

French | Hugo & Compagnie

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Germany (LYX/Bastei Lübbe)
Portugal (Presença)



Number of copies sold:

100,000 (book 1) & 22,000 (book 2)

Seasons series

Original title: Les saisons


The Seasons quadrilogy will be published every four months (like the seasons), starting in September 2023:

  • A Fall to Forgive You: Camélia must learn to forgive Lou for bullying her and forgive Rory for
    his cruelty.
  • A Winter to Resist You: Lou and Camélia become rivals, then enemies, then lovers.
  • A Spring to Give In to You: “Giving in” because it is a “marriage of convenience” situation.
  • A Summer to Find You: “Find” as in exes to lovers, second chance romance.

BOOK 1: A FALL TO FORGIVE YOU (September 2023)
Lou needs Camélia’s help: she went to law school and now he needs her to be his defense attorney. The book has a suspenseful element: did Lou really kill his classmate? The two of them got along very well when they bullied Camélia… If he did, then why? How does Camélia experience her reunion with a boy with whom she has a painful past? The themes are those of bullying, enemy-to-lover.


A rising star of figure skating, Lily has only one goal: to win the gold medal at the World Championship. When she meets her new partner, she is over the moon. Her lifelong role model is him: Orion Williams. The man she finds herself despising from their first meeting… Cursed champion, Orion dreams of only one thing: to stop figure skating. When his coach imposes one last partner on him, he fears that she will end up like all the others, injured or worse. His biggest fan is her: Lily Pham. The woman he has to live with for the next four months… Despite their rocky beginnings, it is through tragedy that Lily and Orion become closer, hoping to win first place. But at what cost?