Sax Is My Name

Original title: De Schreeuw Van De Sax

Author: Dhooge, Bavo

Publication Date:

February 2023

Original language and publisher

Dutch | Horizon

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Literary Fiction

Sax Is My Name

Original title: De Schreeuw Van De Sax

Author: Dhooge, Bavo


‘You are warmed up to all the fantastic music that the instrument has been producing for over 180 years.’ — De Standaard
‘A cry against injustice, inequality and intolerance.’ — De Morgen
The life story of the sax: 180 years of rebellion

In Sax Is My Name a saxophone recounts his life from his birth in the mid-19th century to the present. He describes encounters with historical figures who played important roles – numerous historical figures such as Adolphe Sax, Claude Debussy, Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday and Bill Clinton are featured. The sax begins his career in classical music, experiences the horrors of the world wars, shines during the glory years of jazz and colours pop music with his eternal scream.

In Sax Is My Name we follow the adventures of a quirky protagonist: the oldest saxophone in the world, who carries with itself the rebellious spirit of its creator and who tells a life story in a unique way over three centuries: sometimes in A minor, sometimes in G major, sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, but always with the idea that life cannot get the better of it. Sax is my Name transcends and makes no distinction between race, gender, religion or sexual preference. This is a rhapsody for a rebel, in the only key that matters: that of tolerance.
Sax Is My Name is a unique picaresque novel with an extraordinary main character: stubborn and fickle, raw and authentic. It is the rhapsody for a rebel, sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, but always to the rhythm of freedom.

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