Original title: Résilience

Author: Monget, Yannick

Publication Date:

February 2016



Original language and publisher

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French




Original title: Résilience

Author: Monget, Yannick

  • 2 Seas represents: World Excl French.
  • English, Polish & Japanese samples available.


Readers will be forced to think hard after reading this adventure. – Corinne Lepage, former French Minister of the Environment.

Here is an environmental science-fiction thriller that won’t leave anyone unscathed.

100 days before the meltdown
In France and in China, strange incidents have been cropping up around nuclear power plants. A computer virus (based on a real-life one) seems to have taken over a number of the nuclear stations. The French intelligence agency has gone on high alert in an attempt to foil the most dangerous threat they’ve ever faced.

2 years after the meltdown
In Antarctica, survivors are getting organized inside high-tech bases sheltering an entire reconstituted eco-system. The surface of the globe has been ravaged by radioactivity, and the black virus that decimated the world’s population could reappear at any time.
This extremely credible and well-documented contemporary thriller reads like an American blockbuster. Chapters alternate between before and after the global catastrophe, creating unbearable suspense. The author has strong environmental and anti-nuclear convictions, and the book is strewn with references to real-life events like the stuxnet virus that the USA (NASA) created in 2010 to take over Iranian power plants.
Between lobbies’ tactics, behind-the-scenes glimpses of civilian nuclear plants, and political pressure, the plot, which unspools at breakneck speed, describes a world where lack of oversight is matched only by the willing blindness of those who threaten the future of our entire planet.

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