Ray Paterson Series

Author: Parker, Steve

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Ray Paterson Series

Author: Parker, Steve

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4 Book Series 

Their Last Words – Book 1 – June 2018 – 250 pp.

#31 Amazon UK

  • 21,000 copies sold since June 18

A victim. A mutilated body. A single word.

A young woman is found dead on the streets of London. Her throat slashed, her body mutilated, and one word carved into her flesh: “DON’T.” Detective Superintendent Ray Paterson is assigned to the case. Young, handsome, and from a wealthy background, he’s tipped for the top. He joins a team based out of Bermondsey, South London. It’s meant to be a stepping stone to his next promotion, but this case will threaten to bring down his career and everything he thought he knew about policing.

Paterson is put in charge of the dead girl’s investigation and quickly discovers he must rely on his friend and mentor, Detective Sergeant Dave Jordan to guide him through. 

Then another body is discovered. Another word cut into the victim’s chest.

The police realise they may have a depraved serial killer on their hands. The murderer is trying to send them a message carved in his victims’ bodies. But who’s the message really for? How many more must die? Detective Paterson may be the only man who can stop this vile killer . . . if he can survive long enough.

This is the first in a series of action-packed, edge-of-your-seat crime thrillers, with an ending that will have your heart in your mouth.

The Lost Children – Book 2  – August 2018 – 260 pp.

#37 Amazon UK

  • 7,900 copies sold since August 18

A man shot dead in the street. But what the police find nearby is much worse ….

An elderly African man is found dead in the street, shot through the head. The killing has the hallmarks of a professional assassin. Dumped in a waste bin next to the dead man is the dismembered torso of a child.

On his first day back at work, disgraced Detective Superintendent Ray Paterson finds himself teamed
up again with newly promoted Detective Inspector Johnny Clocks. They must hunt down a ruthless killer with connections that go far beyond anything they’ve ever encountered before.

Within days they know who committed the murders and why, but are left reeling when they are
ordered by the government to release the child’s killers.


Steve Parker was born and raised in south east London (Camberwell and Peckham). At age twenty-one he joined the Metropolitan Police where he served for twenty years in numerous high profile squads before being pensioned out with a serious back injury. Thankfully, he was blessed with a complete lack of DIY skills so was legitimately able to get away with swanning around the house doing bugger all, all day long. Finding himself with plenty of spare time and a deep desire to never work for anyone again, he dug out an old screenplay he’d written when he was still a policeman and set himself a challenge to turn it into a book which eventually became his debut novel Their Last Words.