Author: Minard, Céline

Publication Date:

August 2021



Original language and publisher

French | Payot & Rivages

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

English (World) (Deep Velum)
Germany (Matthes & Seitz)


Literary Fiction, Science-Fiction


Author: Minard, Céline


Céline Minard plunges us into a disorientating universe where species and genders intermingle and the real and the virtual communicate with each other via tenuous and invisible threads.

Whether she is describing the sensory measurements performed on acrobats in a post-human world, the preserving of the memory of Earth after its extinction, the fall of an aluminium parallelepiped from the stars, the future revealed by a time corridor, or the accidental creation of a genetic monster in a Siberian horse stable, the author presents a fascinating cosmo-vision whose infinite recombinations give rise to constant metamorphoses. She poetically and authentically describes the infinitely large – the waltz of the Moon and Earth, the movements of tectonic plates and meteorological upheavals – as well as the infinitely small – the maturing of butterflies, the role of chloroplasts in photosynthesis and genetic mutation.

A series of short, explosive, vivid, well-paced and organic texts that blend science, popular culture, literature and philosophy. Faithful to her poetry of the frontiers, she invents in the process a literary genre – a renewed and vastly expanded form of the book-as-a-universe, that lies at the crossroads between futuristic fiction and a tale of origins – a cosmological vision of the coming centuries.

Céline Minard takes a step forward with this chemical way of dissecting or carving in the raw material of an imaginary whose dreamlike nature integrates and goes beyond the codes of Sci-Fi, anticipation or poetic fairytales, and offers an original approach of contemporary issues: post- humanism, augmented reality, genetic manipulation, digitalization of living things, antispeciesism…

An unclassifiable, transgressive and implosive book.

Marketing Information

  • English sample available
  • Over 20,000 copies sold
  • Shortlisted for the Prix Médicis 2021
  • Finalist for the prix du roman d’écologie 2022