Original title: Pastorale

Author: Enter, Stephan

Publication Date:

November 2019



Original language and publisher

Dutch | Van Oorschot

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Worldwide excl. Dutch

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Spanish (World) (De Conatus)


Literary Fiction


Original title: Pastorale

Author: Enter, Stephan


Pastoral  is about reinterpreting youth and losing faith.

The siblings Oscar and Louise grew up on a dilapidated estate near a village that is divided in two parts: a strictly religious, Dutch reformed part and a Moluccan part, consisting of former soldiers of the Dutch East Indian Army and their families. The members of the two neighborhoods regard each other with suspicion. Oscar, in his last years in high school, cannot wait to go to university in the big city, just like his sister has done. Louise however returns to her place of birth, asking herself if leaving it all behind has provided her with new insights.

Pastoral, the eagerly awaited new novel by Stephan Enter, is about a first, impossible and awkward love. About the inevitable question if you can ever regain the happiness you felt as a young child. But in the end the most important question the novel poses is: what do you do if you find out the roots that constitute the foundation of your life turn out to be rotten?

Marketing Information

  • Over 20,000 copies sold
  • Selected for the 10 Books from Holland Spring 2020 Brochure
  • English sample available
  • Selected for the Libris Literature Prize
  • Nominated for the E. Du Perronprijs
  • Shortlisted for the 2020 Boekenbon Literature Prize





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