To You I Owe All My Life’s Happiness – Virginia & Leonard Woolf

Original title: Je te dois tout le bonheur de ma vie – Virginia & Leonard Woolf

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November 2017



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To You I Owe All My Life’s Happiness – Virginia & Leonard Woolf

Original title: Je te dois tout le bonheur de ma vie – Virginia & Leonard Woolf


The story of women and men stuck between their education and their desires…the unease that will drive Virginia to insanity…an exceptional book, READABLE TO EVERYONE. It is a fabulous, human story detailing the struggle of an elite woman to change their world. – Gérard Collard, Les Déblogueurs

There are many biographies of Virginia Woolf out there, but Carole d’Yvoire’s story recounts the couple, the first meeting between two complex and fragile beings… – Pascale Frey, Onlalu

There is a great amount of tenderness in this book. Carole d’Yvoire is attached to these characters, and naturally we become attached to them, as well. With this book, Carole d’Yvoire puts Virginia Woolf and the brilliant society of Bloomsbury back in the spotlight, as the literary world has unfortunately forgotten them a little. – Jacqueline Pétroz, France Inter

An absolutely magnificent object! It’s pretty, it’s intelligent, it’s brilliant, and it’s like a grand love affair!” – France 5

…The secrets of a legendary couple: Leonard and Virginia Woolf, written by Carole d’Yvoire in a moving, unprecedented retelling, ‘To You I Owe All My Life’s Happiness’. A true gem of the season. – Jeanne de Ménibus, Elle

In ”To You I Owe All My Life’s Happiness’, a biographical work presented under a thick, bound cover, Carole d’Yvoire tells the story of Virginia and Leonard Woolf’s first years of marriage. Although the two writers seem to be the ideal couple, in readers’ minds, the first years of marriage were, in reality, very complicated. – Jeannine Hayat, Huffpost

The story of a fascinating couple.

Drawing on her lifetime passion for the Bloomsbury group, and Virginia and Leonard Woolf in particular, Carole d’Yvoire recounts the story of this famous couple. The union of these two exceptional individuals was symbolized in 1917 by the creation of Hogarth Press, the English publishing house that would go on to publish many famous authors.

One of those moments in history that produced a period of intense and prolific artistic creation – a concentration of freedom in which suddenly anything became possible.

A fascinating story told with passion, blending history with History and sprinkled with extracts from letters by Virginia and Leonard Woolf, illustrations (paintings, photos, etc.) and two short stories.

This Editor’s Pick is a wonderfully illustrated new book to mark the hundredth anniversary of Hogarth Press, beautifully recounting the story of two of the greats in English literature and told in a lively, passionate style, with letters and a short story by Leonard Woolf.

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