Original title: Surdose

Author: Kauffmann, Alexandre

Publication Date:

February 2018



Original language and publisher

French | Goutte d’Or


Health & Lifestyle, Narrative Non-Fiction


Original title: Surdose

Author: Kauffmann, Alexandre

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« The journalist Alexandre Kauffmann followed seven very special cops in their daily investigations for a year. Phone tapping, hideouts, tailings, searches, and hearings: he went through it all and wrote it all down. From this one-of-a-kind experience, he wrote a one-of-a- kind book. » — Louis Dabir, Vice

« A investigative story worthy of the best thrillers » — Bérénice Rocfort-Giovanni, Le Nouvel Obs

An immersive investigation written like a thriller, Overdose is an incarnated X-ray of the drug consumption nowadays.

Overdoses don’t happen exclusively to heroin addicts found dead in a squat on a wet mattress anymore. Nowadays, the victims are journalists, financial counselors, professors and even cops. Your next-door neighbor might be a key figure in increasingly sophisticated drug dealing chain.

After a year spent in total immersion in the “Overdoses” group, a marginal unit in the drug squad, which investigates the case of people who overdosed and died in Paris, Alexandre Kauffmann, journalist, takes us snorkeling with him in the privacy of victims, investigators and drug dealers. This book is a thriller but not a fiction: every bit of it is real.

Paris, 2016. A dentist, a student and an IT specialist overdose and die. The first one used cocaine, the second MDMA and the third an aphrodisiac drug used by some people in the gay community. The ‘Overdoses’ group, a special police unit, investigates these three cases. From clues found on the victims’ bodies and phones, the rhythm of the investigation will increase until getting all the way up to a “cocaine call-center” in plain Paris, a hookah bar in Sevran and a secret website in Amsterdam.

Freelance reporter for French newspapers and novelist, Alexandre Kauffmann lived in Madagascar and Tanzania. He followed Jack London’s footsteps in the Far North, did the Claude Lévi-Strauss’ expedition in Amazonia, or boarded one of the oldest boats in the world in Tanzania. Overdose is his first narrative non-fiction book.

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