Our France

Original title: Notre France

Author: Glucksmann, Raphaël

Publication Date:

October 2016



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Our France

Original title: Notre France

Author: Glucksmann, Raphaël


Raphaël Glucksmann retraces the history of a France that loves freedom, revolt and foreign influences. – Libération

The 36-year-old author publishes with Our France an in-depth look at the progressive and open structure of French identity, in response to the false rhetoric of decline à la Zemmour. – Les Inrockuptibles

The French essayist methodically attacks the national narrative. That of a powerful France lost in the maze of globalisation. – Le Monde

Our France: to put an end to the reactionary hold-up of our history and our identity. – Livres de France

Hailed by the press who sees in him an ‘anti-Zemmour’, the 37-year-old essayist, who has appeared on the front page of Le Monde and Yann Barthès’ new show on TMC on October 4, has won over a young audience to whom he is proposing a fresh, positive discourse. – Livres Hebdo

More than an essay, it is a call. – Les Echos

In his latest book Our France, the brilliant thirty-something pens a stimulating essay that confronts the upholders of French identity on their own ground. – La Gazette

The forgotten history of humanist and cosmopolitan France

“For centuries, our France has been humanist and cosmopolitan; open to others, the world and the future. It has never been the closed country, with a monochrome society and unequivocal identity, that reactionaries claim to revive.

Benefitting from the silence and apathy of the alleged successors of Voltaire and Hugo, the offspring of Maurras and Barrès have kidnapped our History. Now the masters of the past, they control the present and are obliterating the future.

Faced with the temptation to turn in on itself that our nation is submerged by, it is time to take back France’s story from the hands of those who are debasing it. Time to relearn to say and love what we are. To go back to the origins of our France to make it live once more.” – Raphaël Glucksmann

Like in many European countries facing the rise of right-wing extremist currents, and in the United States with the Trump phenomenon, powerful reactionary and nationalist currents are rising in France. Their impact is not just electoral: it is intellectual. The idea that France must turn in on itself to find itself again has been spreading dangerously. Yet France’s history proves the opposite.

France is a country unlike any other. It is the country of human rights. It has built its greatness and its identity by thinking of itself as universal.

Raphaël Glucksmann’s book revisits large “universal” and “humanist” moments in the history of France and remembers how this country has become, in the eyes of the world, “the country of human rights.”

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