Eulogies – The Complete Works

Original title: Oraisons – L’Intégral

Publication Date:

February 2021



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Worldwide excl. French


Debut Novel

Eulogies – The Complete Works

Original title: Oraisons – L’Intégral


A thrilling, complex and ambitious debut novel. – Scifi-universe
In a fluid and simple, but effective, style, Samantha Bailly transports us to the heart of a crime intrigue, within a vast and rich universe. – Elbakin

In the kingdom of Helderion, funeral ceremonies are organised by the rich and powerful Manerian family. The day the lifeless body of Mylianne (one of the three Manerian daughters) is found, everything points to the clans, the dangerous rebels that oppose Helderion. Determined to avenge her sister, Aileen begins to investigate the murderers, at her own peril. Meanwhile Noony, her older sister, finding herself in a front-row seat as the kingdom goes to war against its neighbouring continent, will fiercely oppose this conflict which could quickly turn into a genuine massacre. Swept up into intrigues, the stakes of which are bigger than them, the two sisters must confront the system which made them and modernise the manipulative ways of its leaders.

A thrilling two-volume book, which includes The Language of Silence and The Fall of the Stars.

Marketing Information

  • Prix des lycéens aux Imaginales 2011
  • Strong and ambitious heroines who take the reader on an adventure full of surprises. A rich intrigue worthy of a prestigious crime novel.